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Latest Access All Areas

Plan to Plate 2024

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In partnership with Paytronix, this report tracks UK consumer behaviour with regards to hospitality venues.


Pub Roadmap: the headlines & panel

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Katy Moses, founder/MD at KAM, delves into latest pub customer research from the Pub Roadmap report with Steve Alton from the BII, Joby Mortimer from Brakes and Jez Galaun from Brixton Brewery.

Pub Roadmap

The Pub Roadmap

Access Level: ,

In partnership with the BII and supported by Brakes and Brixton Brewery, this research report forms part of an essential toolkit, based on real data from our sector to allow operators to assess their businesses against the opportunities available to them.

low & no 2023

Low and No 2023

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KAM have carried out a deep-dive research study, in partnership with Lucky Saint, into the current attitudes and behaviour towards Low and No alcohol. The report shows that the movement has gone beyond January, it’s becoming ingrained in people’s lives throughout the year. With as many UK adults actively moderating during the summer as they do during ‘Dry January’, moderating has moved beyond a single month in the year, and beyond simplistic definitions of ‘drinkers’ and ‘non-drinkers’. For venues, the opportunity remains. With massive numbers still entering the category, we need to provide consumers with the best possible experience whatever the occasion.

State of the Hospitality Nation

The State of The Hospitality Nation

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Propel and KAM have carried out a deep-dive research study into the current outlook of the UK’s hospitality sector. The survey, which is produced in association with Mapal Group, sought to examine the key issues currently impacting the industry, whilst also looking ahead to what the next 12 months might bring. This research will allow businesses to benchmark their performance and experiences against the wider sector.


Competitive Socialising: Winning a New Occasion 2023

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Unlike with the paradox of choice where less is more, the increase in options for customers is only going to be a good thing, but that does mean that they will likely become more demanding, more knowledgeable and more particular when it comes to the venue of choice. Therefore, to win in the growing sector, venues must deliver a great experience, which starts by understanding your customers and what they want.


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