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Competitive Socialising 2022

Report | Winning a growing customer occasion


The rising leisure trend of Competitive Socialising refers to any venue or occasion that brings people together to play a game and enjoy food and/or drink. The growth in popularity we are witnessing is closely tied to advances in technology and the demand for new and different customer experiences. We look at the consumer perspective, including their atiitudes towards dedicated competitive socialising venues and the growing demand for “gaming” experiences in regular pubs and bars.

With feedback from 500 pub, bar and restaurant customers, this research highlights…

  • Why experience is key
  • What are customers looking for in competitive socialsing venues
  • What leisure activities are most popular
  • Understanding the current customer base
  • The opportunity for dedicated competitive socialising venues
  • Reasons for visit (occasions)
  • Current in-venue experience and satisfaction
  • Specific food and beverage needs in dedicated venues
  • The opportunity for wider hospitality

This research report looks at competitive socialising from the consumer perspective, helping operators and the brands that supply them understand the future opportunity for this growing occasion.

Competitive Socialising

Release date

Feb 2022


PDF Report. 37 pages