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Competitive Socialising 2024

Report | Customer trends in activity-led venues


Competitive socialising is the much-needed break we all want from our busy lives. Ultimately, it consists of playing games over food and drink. It’s a reason to bring friends and family together to laugh, have fun and create lasting memories – which is why it’s no surprise that competitive socialising is so appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Pool, darts and snooker are some of the most enduring and popular competitive socialising activities in the UK hospitality market. Many new venues have opened up in the last few years that are bringing these types of ‘games’ bang up to date. For example, crazy golf, shuffleboard, ten-pin bowling, axe throwing, virtual reality and much more!

This report aims to give a flavour of the customer who visits Competitive Socialising venues; who they are, why they visit and most importantly to identify opportunities for venues and Competitive Socialising brands to drive footfall, improve their experience and grow spend and loyalty.

The data in this report is based on online interviews with 600 UK adults who had visited a Competitive Socialising venues in the last 12 months.

Release date

May 2024


PDF Report. 56 pages