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Competitive Socialising: Winning a New Occasion 2023

Report | Understanding customer behaviours and attitudes in the growing competitive socialising market


Competitive socialising is on the hospitality map, that can’t be disputed. People are visiting the sector more often than they were last year which is driven by consumer trends focussing on experience but also the increase in choice!

Unlike with the paradox of choice where less is more, the increase in options for customers is only going to be a good thing, but that does mean that they will likely become more demanding, more knowledgeable and more particular when it comes to the venue of choice. Therefore, to win in the growing sector, venues must deliver a great experience, which starts by understanding your customers and what they want.

This report looks into the behaviour and attitudes of competitive socialising customers in relation to both the games and activities, as well as core hospitality elements such as food, drink and its role within more traditional venues.

Topics include:

  • The current state of play
  • The competitive socialising crowd The path to discovery
  • Being a part of the journey
  • The in-venue experience
  • The opportunity for wider hospitality

Release date

May 2023


PDF Report. 55 pages