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Ontrade Outlook 2022: Return of the Pub

Report | What’s next for the great British pub? Insight report in partnership with BII, kindly supported by Stint and Brakes UK.


Two years ago we were told not to go to the pub. British pubs were told to close their doors. The industry had experienced nothing like what was about to be thrust upon it.

Before the first lockdown was lifted, KAM carried out research, in partnership with The BII, to help the pub industry understand what their customers needed when they were welcome back the first time. People were still nervous. Hygiene was paramount. Social distancing measures were everywhere. But oh my goodness we’d missed our pubs! Fast forward two years and a lot has changed. KAM has once again partnered with BII, kindly supported by Stint and Brakes UK, to take another close look at the British pub customer and how we can best serve them.

With feedback from 500 pub-goers and 200 publicans, this research highlights…

  • After the dust has settled: The COVID legacy for pub customers
  • The role of the pub: The evolving function that the pub plays in the lives of customers today
  • Enhanced experiences: An increase in demand from customers for pubs to go above and beyond
  • Digital solutions: The consolidation of digital solutions to deliver the customer experience
  • Food (and drink) for thought: What pub goers are looking for from pub food and drink menus
  • The delivery opportunity: How food and drink delivery is not just for lockdowns

The research will help pub operators and their suppliers prepare for what comes next and future-proof their businesses for an evolving customer base. In an unprecedented and unpredictable time, it becomes even more critical to ensure that we have as much robust and relevant data and insight at our fingertips to help ensure we steer our pubs through this challenging period.

Release date

April 2022


PDF Report. 62 pages