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Generation Z: All Grown Up

Whitepaper | Understanding Gen Z’s behaviours and attitudes towards UK Hospitality brands


No generation is to be ignored or solely prioritised but this report addresses the differences in attitudes and opinions that ultimately affects how they see and use hospitality. When we look at what influences venue choice, the key elements- quality, range, value for money are still at the top for Gen Z, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. What what we DO need to do is look at the significant differences in the thoughts and feelings towards technology, alcohol, and diets, that will allow venues to
make themselves attractive to this age group.

Topics include:

  • Macro behaviours
  • What it means for hospitality
  • Venue choices
  • Food glorious food
  • The evolving alcohol mindset
  • Building a connection
  • Headlines

Release date

Dec 2023


PDF Report. 12 pages