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Summer of Sport 2022

Whitepaper | The value of sports to UK pubs and bars


Ahead of a major summer of sport, KAM and Sky have partnered to gain insight around the value of live sport to pubs; the opportunities available to them by showing it, and what pub goers are looking for when it comes to live sport in pubs.

Topics covered include:

  • Looking forward to the big summer of sport
  • The size of the prize for the big summer of sport
  • Sport is a footfall driver to pubs this summer
  • How customers decide on a venue
  • Atmosphere 6 creates the experience
  • How pubs are investing for the summer of sport
  • How pubs are 8 promoting the summer of sport

Based on feedback from a nationally representative sample of 500 sports fans and also 300 leased and tenanted UK publicans, the whitepaper highlights ways in which pubs can take advantage of this summer’s major sporting events. As we look ahead to the summer and beyond, it’s great to see there is an array of sport that will attract consumers from their homes and into licensed premises, so it’s about supercharging those moments and getting the most out of them to help to deliver a boost to the sector- this whitepaper helps you understand how to do that.

SKY Summer-of-Sport

Release date

June 2022


PDF Whitepaper. 15 pages