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Generation Z: All Grown Up

When we look at what influences venue choice, the key elements- quality, range, value for money are still at the top for Gen Z, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. What what we DO need to do is look at the significant differences in the thoughts and feelings towards technology, alcohol, and diets, that will allow venues to make themselves attractive to this age group.


Attracting and Retaining Hospitality Employees

Check out our presentation from the BII People Conference focused on our recent research on recruiting and retaining talent in hospitality.


The Ultimate Guide to Christmas

Christmas is about sharing, supporting and bringing people together. So here’s a little gift from KAM Research and Insights and HGEM, bringing together all of our combined Christmas research into one report – the ultimate Xmas guide for hospitality venues.


Wine Decisions

To truly understand what drives and influences consumer behaviour during these challenging times, some in-depth analysis is needed. Whilst there is a wealth of data and insight around wine consumer behaviour within the On Trade and the wider Off Trade (with much of the data for the latter coming from the UK’s Supermarkets), there remains a distinct lack of research into consumers’ wine buying habits from Independent Specialist Wine Retailers.


Focus on craft beer

A focus on the craft beer customer in the on-trade, in partnership with Brixton Brewery


Hospitality Tech 2024

KAM has partnered with Vita Mojo to explore the tech challenges facing restaurant operators – and see how forward thinking brand are over coming them and unlock growth opportunities for 2024.

Hospitality at Christmas

Consumer intentions for Christmas 2023

An infographic showing how consumers intend to send Christmas 2022, in partnership with Toggle.


Generation Z: Beyond Booze

Originally presented at the Low+No 2023 event, these slides explore the changing relationship which Generation Z seem to have with alcohol compared to previous generations and what implications this may have for the future of socialising. Based on research carried out in partnership with Lucky Saint in May 2023.


Employee Engagement Services in Hospitality

With the vacancies the industry is experiencing at the moment for a variety of reasons, it puts importance on making sure employees are happy, motivated and retained. Based on online interviews conducted in February 2023 with 500 hospitality employees across all sub-sectors of the industry, this report looks at how businesses can make themselves an attractive place to work through engaging their employees, ultimately driving recruitment, loyalty, retention as well as productivity.


The Value of Mid-Week Sports

This report looks into the opportunity that arises from the synergy between sport and pubs, how best to deliver a great sporting experience and the long term halo effects it can have on a venue.


The UK’s Largest Hospitality Salary Survey

This annual survey is based on feedback from 1,963 hospitality employees and aims to provide a benchmark of current salaries and benefits available as well as what is important to these employees.


Flexible Working in Hospitality

As attitudes to work have evolved over the last few years, the UK labour market is seeing unprecedented demand for more flexible ways of working. From office workers to hospitality staff, the one thing, outside of pay, which consistently hits the top of people’s agenda is flexibility. How then, can operators navigate this uncertain world – when the rota only fits one way and consistency of product and service remains paramount? How do you juggle the unstoppable force of market conditions with a desire to deliver for your customers? In this paper, we examine some of those issues.