CBD infused drinks

The acronym ‘CBD’ is everywhere as we enter the last months of 2019. A recent article in The Guardian estimates that 1.3 million UK Consumers are currently spending £300m a year on CBD products. Just this week, I attended the WSTA conference, where CBD drinks, and other products, were discussed at length. Meanwhile, Muhu, the UK’s first CBD-infused gin​​​​​​​ is about to launch. 

CBD, for those who don’t know, is the non-psychoactive ingredient in the hemp plant. You can find CBD extract in everything from honey to hummus. It’s thought to bring many benefits but without the THC ingredient that makes the imbiber giggle uncontrollably and eat their body weight in toast. CBD producers are, as of yet, not allowed to make any health claims. Anecdotally there is evidence that it can help a range of ailments, from back pain to anxiety. It’s popularity is growing. But why is this the subject of a KAM Friday email, I hear you ask?

KAM Media exclusive consumer survey into CBD drinks

Well, we’ve recently conducted some exciting research into CBD drinks. Specifically, their use in the on trade. We asked 2000 pub and bar-goers if they’d heard of CBD. 72% of those aged 18-34 had, 75% of 35-54 and 63% of the over 55s. And of those interviewed, 19% of the 18-34 age group, 14% of the 35-54 year-olds and 6% of those aged 55+ had tried it. Previous research has shown that CBD use and recognition is highest in women in their 40s.

I think there’s a massive opportunity in the industry for CBD drinks. Put aside the (not supposed to be) claimed physical and mental health benefits and look at the claim to relax and chill out the consumer. Then add in the excitement and perceived ‘naughtiness’ of drinking a product with a ‘drug’ in it- but legally. It also has sustainability positives. Farming hemp is greener (!) in lots of ways than other farming. From using less pesticides, to using less water. The whole idea ticks a lot of boxes for consumers.

We’re also seeing considerable growth in Low and No drinks. CBD infused drinks fit nicely into this growing trend.

I’ll leave you with a final bit of insight. We asked 2000+ consumers whether they would buy drinks that had CBD extract added. Just 19% hadn’t heard of CBD, with a further 31% saying they wouldn’t consider it. That leaves exactly 50% who would- and as for WHICH drink they’d like it added to, have a look below, it seems the possibilities are endless…

CBD drinks
I’ll end on one final note, I’ve been taking a daily CBD dose for about 3 months now and can report very positive findings. Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.