Employee Engagement

Unlock the true potential of your business by getting to know the people who are at the forefront of your business. We thrive on delivering the most cutting-edge bespoke research and consultancy services within the hospitality industry.

Get to know your teams' priorities, development areas and aspirations

Unlocking the key to growth

Welcome to KAM, your ultimate destination for unparalleled intelligence solutions in the dynamic world of hospitality. We are not your typical research and consultancy firm. No, we're more like the secret sauce that adds that extra "zing" to your business ambitions.

With our bespoke research & consultancy service, we can...

  • Profile your people

    Gain a deeper understanding of your teams. Learn what motivates them, what excites them, what worries them.

  • Get honest independent insight

     Discover what support they want, and how to get the most from your relationship. Create an unbiased, open avenue for honest feedback.

  • Quantitative performance analysis

    Measure the cut through of your initiatives and training programmes to understand challenges and opportunities.

  • Invest in the right areas

    Explore what the future looks like and what support/investment is needed in order to better manage teams and to maximise their potential.

  • Build long term strategies

    Track sentiment, ratings, emotions, attitudes and behaviours over time to build lasting and effective people strategies.

  • Deliver bespoke insight

    Insight tailored to your specific business strategies and objectives. Gain a deeper understanding of your team and create a competitive advantage.

What we bring to the table

  • Tailored Research

    Gain access to cutting-edge research and data-driven insights, including global online panels, targeted customer research, face-to-face, focus groups, and more. Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies tailored specifically to your objectives. 

  • Knowledge & Expertise

    Let us take the strain and provide an independent view. With combined expertise across hospitality, research, insights, and marketing, our team will provide insight-led recommendations for you and your business to drive purposeful change.

  • Consultancy with a Twist

    Say goodbye to dry, uninspiring insights. We spice things up by providing consultancy services that are both informative and engaging. Our experts work closely with you, analysing your unique challenges, and crafting ingenious strategies.

  • Actionable Solutions

    We help you turn these insights into actions. Base future marketing, operations, brand and product strategies on what your customers want and need. Put research and insight at the heart of your strategy.

Don't just take our word for it

We needed to understand more about our partner motivations and expectations. What do they want in terms of support, advice and training from our head office team. 

Wells has to be a ‘partner focussed business’ and to do this you have to get close to understand what their needs and priorities are – this research project has enabled us to do this in a way we couldn’t do ourselves and I’d recommend KAM to anyone thinking about a similar approach.

Director of Operations Pub Partners, Wells & Co. 


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