Charity and pasta straws at Pub19

Good morning all

Blake and I spent some time at the Pub19 trade show this week and several things caught our eye-

  • The gin boom continues with no sign of abating
  • Thanks to the above phenomenon, there’s a glut of new premium tonics and mixers flooding onto the market
  • Nobody REALLY knows what the next big “gin” (geddit?!) is… Tequila? Mezcal? Rum?
  • Everybody is looking at green, at sustainability, at reducing plastic use
  • There are a lot more brands of pork scratchings than one could ever need

When it comes to sustainable, green, ethical products, Stroodles takes the prize here for simplicity- Maxim Gelman ( has created straws using pasta. Yes, pasta. The idea is almost painful in it’s simplicity, and Maxim reassured me that the straws don’t usually get eaten until the 4th G&T…

As you read this, I will be boarding my flight to Vietnam to complete my charity challenge of cycling 650 KM in 5 days for MAG.

I thought I was ready and raring to go until coming down with a chest infection and cold this week, so I can only hope to get through it with sheer bloody minded determination… wish me luck!

Hopefully I’ll be back online next week to share some of the hospitality visits I MIGHT have managed to make in Hanoi and HCM!

Have a great weekend

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