Customer satisfaction in hospitality

Customer satisfaction in hospitality remains strong with a consistent 95% feeling confident enough to return. But the growing customer base are still looking for improvements, according to this week’s Customer Sentiment Tracker from Feed It Back and KAM Media.

Net promoter score remains strong

According to 7,395 customers who visited a hospitality venue in last week, 70% would definitely recommend the venue (scoring 9 or 10 to the NPS question) to friends or family. The industry net promoter score is creeping up week by week (59).

50+ is generally considered an excellent net promoter score. At an average level the industry is scoring higher than pre-lockdown levels with some operators scoring 86 and 90. NPS is a measurement of whether a customer would recommend you – it’s a solid indication of a happy customer. These scores indicate that customer satisfaction in hospitality is very strong and really are cause for the industry to celebrate.

Room for improvement for ‘fast casual’ venues

Despite a high score overall, some segments are doing better than others in their customers’ eyes. Net promoter scores varying wildly. The ‘fast casual’ segment in particular has seen a considerable drop in NPS since lockdown (64 to 23 this week.) Satisfaction ratings have also fallen with cleanliness ratings dropping from 4.6 out of 5 pre-lockdown to 4.0 this week. Value for money has fallen from 4.4 to 3.6.

The data captured from venues within this sector suggests that service expectations are not being met. The number one complaint relating to service in ‘fast casual’ is ‘speed of service’ (22%). Food accuracy came a close second (18%.)

“Our feedback shows that the ‘fast casual’ segment is struggling to keep up with regards to customer satisfaction. It’s seen the biggest fall in NPS and also satisfaction ratings.” Carlo Platia, CEO at Feed It Back.

Obviously these scores will differ by operator but this should be a call to action for venues which sit within this segment. It’s only by listening carefully to customers’ feedback and concerns, on a regular basis, that the industry will be able to continue to grow.

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