Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight

If Global warming is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Have you noticed that it’s rather hot out there? I bet you haven’t. I bet that it wasn’t the first thing you said when you arrived at work this morning. I bet it wasn’t the first thing you said to the taxi driver / hairdresser / barista / barman (delete where appropriate) this week.

So it’s hot, get over it. This is the main factor in deciding upon why and where the UK population goes on holiday, so sit back, relax and save your money as it’s a holiday every day of the week baby!

On a serious note, this type of weather will become the new normal if we continue to damage the planet. Scientists believe that the current heatwave searing Northern Europe was made more than twice as likely by climate change. The impact of which spreads far wider and far deeper than having to make sure you have a nice sunhat.
Regardless of your personal views on climate change and global warming, one fact you can’t escape from is that the majority of people do care and are concerned, and what’s more they want to know that the brands they follow, like, and buy from, care too. None more so than the generation that will ultimately set the agenda for the future of how businesses respond and engage regarding their impact on the environment.

Generation Z

We recently spoke to 500, 18-24 year olds in the UK and one of the questions we asked is “How important the following were to them in deciding upon which brands they bought?”

  • Their political stance
  • Their ethical stance
  • Their impact on the environment
  • Their charity work
  • Their impact on health

What do you think was the most important?

Our brand new Generation Z report focussing on tomorrow’s shopper today is available soon and tackles issues such as this as well as topics ranging from use of technology and what influences where and how they spend their money.

Blake Gladman

Hi, I'm Blake, Strategy & Insight Director at KAM. I look after all our research products and manage the collection and delivery of insight throughout KAM. I love long runs and good food (the perfect life balance).