Tea for two or a Pina Colada?

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I love a cocktail. And I particularly love a cocktail that’s interesting, inventive and “different” from the standard Pina Colada.

So I was (initially) very happy when I was introduced to “tea cocktails” at a recent event. Having tried them, personally, they’re not for me, but they were very popular on the night.

We asked the members of our KAMunity ( our online panel of pub/bar goers) whether they would ever order a tea-based cocktail in a pub or bar; it seems, for once, that I am in the majority, with just 22% saying yes.

Meanwhile, if you want to see cocktails done well- take yourself down to The Alchemist in Birmingham- their menu is pictured below- great cocktails; classic and innovative options both on offer and an interestingly presented menu to boot.


Well, seeing as it ISN’T coming home, this weekend should be rather relaxed; after work drinks tonight, a clear day at home tomorrow and then Sunday… ah yes, the fabulous Paul Simon at Hyde Park- though, in all honesty, I’m more excited about James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt supporting.

Whatever you’re doing, have a great weekend

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