Personalisation key for keeping it real

It’s been an exciting week here at KAM Towers with the launch of our new insight report, Ontrade Outlook, an in-depth look into what customers want from the future pub- and what publicans are planning on providing. One thing we focus on is the need for personalisation and this was bought to life for me last week.

That, combined with a short break in the sun has kept me pretty busy this week: I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife and had one of the most personalised experiences that I have ever had on holiday. My friend and I upgraded our stay to “Rock Royalty”, a personalised concierge service that included-

  • Our own butler on direct dial
  • Various extras in our room- monogrammed beach bags, branded fizz, a personalised playlist
  • We booked massages where we were able to choose the music
  • Food and drink were readily available (and taken advantage of!) in the RR lounge…and much more

The point I’m making is not just that I had a fab holiday and you should all be jealous (it was only 4 days and I worked every day by the pool, I promise!), but that the personalisation and the fantastic service is what made the trip so great.

We live in a world where everything from our running trainers to our jar of Marmite can be customised; and we’re beginning to see pub customers wanting the same levels of personalisation. With the increase in specialist dietary requirements, plus the plethora of ‘build it yourself’ salad and sandwich shops, bespoke cocktail bars and personalised shopping experiences, consumers want to be able to customise all areas of their life.

Just look at the recent gin boom- customers enjoy the participation of being able to choose their gin, their tonic and their garnish; and for some outlets, this is their USP- customisation of what used to be a standard and often badly-served pub staple

The below excerpt from Ontrade Outlook highlights the importance of the hospitality industry ensuring that customers feel that they are enjoying a carefully thought-through, personalised service.

Personalisation is a trend that the hospitality sector should be championing- gone are the days when menus had “no changes or substitutions” written at the bottom. Psychologically, we know that when customers have a hand in the product that they are purchasing, they feel more attached to it and they are more likely to share on social media, thereby providing free, focused and personalised marketing for the venue. In retail, personalisation of clothing, footwear and accessories has been growing rapidly- it’s one of the tactics employed by designers who are trying to combat the massive amount of ‘returns’ they get thanks to online shopping- and it works. Mulberry, at one point were offering a free monogramming service for their purses and saw returns drop by the number of people who took up the offer, which was under the condition that, unless the product was faulty, it couldn’t be returned.

The fact is that the more engaged a customer is with a product or service, the happier they will be- and, of course, personalisation works hand in hand with that other big hospitality trend- experiential- if a customer can co-create something with a barman/chef/waiter, then the visit becomes an experience rather than a transaction.

The Ontrade Outlook Report is published by KAM Media and available to purchase now for £2,950 (+VAT).The report is packed with data, insight, commentary and opinion. We’ve spoken to 1,000 UK pub customers and asked them over 100 questions to get to the heart of the key issues impacting their decision making and pub-going behaviours. Alongside insight from leading industry experts and interviews with insight from 100 UK publicans. We believe that this report provides the most concise and relevant content for any business looking to grow and succeed in the on trade over the next 12 months.

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