Soft drinks and the festive season

Good morning

As time goes by, I find myself, more and more, drinking soft drinks in pubs and bars around Christmas. Obviously that last sentence is complete rubbish- I was just checking that you were paying attention.

Contrary to popular belief, I DO drink soft drinks when out (sometimes), but I’m often struck by how uninspiring the range can be- as are the great British public; we asked our online community of pub/bar goers whether they thought there was enough choice in the soft drink category in pubs and bars- a whopping 45% said there wasn’t

Which is a bit of an issue seeing as 15% of the people questioned told us that they were planning to drink more soft drinks whilst out in pubs and bars this festive season than last year’s, though 25% said they’d be drinking less soft drinks than last year and 60% said their habits won’t change.

Meanwhile, Absolute have taken to offering free taxis to get festive partygoers home, in London, Birmingham and Manchester… a creative way to encourage alcohol consumption in a safe and responsible way.

Though not as good an idea as a destination food pub I was made aware of several years ago who lay on a mini bus to do shuttle rides home for the two-week festive period each year! Genius.

Tonight I’ll be at the O2 in London to see the very fun and still outrageous Madness, in concert. Tomorrow will most probably be spent feeling awful but hopefully better in time for lunch with a good friend… hair of the dog and all that…Sunday morning is reserved for ANOTHER long training ride for my charity bike ride, but after that, I’ll be cooking a roast and hibernating in my living room with a good film.

Happy weekend!

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