Summer of socialising ahead

2021 looks set to be a summer of socialising for many UK consumers, if lockdown measures do lift. 36% of UK adults say they plan to have friends and family over to their homes more often than pre-pandemic according to our latest poll.

The poll showed that there will be a significant amount of socialising going on in homes if and when restrictions are completely lifted this summer. 39% of UK adults said they will have friends or family over for a BBQ. 32% will have people over for a dinner party. This is a huge opportunity for supermarkets and convenience stores to really tap into these “social events” and more evidence that the ‘Hospitality at home” trend is unlikely to go anywhere fast.

And it’s not just in people’s homes and gardens that socialising will be taking place. 41% of consumers said they intend to have a picnic in a public place. 60% intend to visit a pub or restaurant. People said they are also open to visiting the cinema (27%), the theatre (16%) and also music festivals (12%) this summer.  

There is a definite buzz in the air as consumers begin to let themselves dream that the lifting of restrictions may be a reality this summer. It’s no surprise that the enthusiasm to get out and socialise is led by the younger generations but interesting when we look at social and leisure activities outside of pubs and restaurants, we start to see a difference in the sexes too! Women are much keener to go on picnics, have people round for BBQs and dinner parties than men. But both sexes are equally keen to get back to the pub this summer!” Katy Moses, MD, KAM Media

Socialising will be led by GenZ and women

Generation Z and young millennials are the most confident that they will return to these social activities: 47% say they will visit pubs/restaurants more often vs pre-pandemic compared with just 16% of over 55-year-olds.

KAM’s research showed that 46% of women intend to have a picnic with friends this summer, compared with just 37% of men. 44% of women intend to have friends/family over for a BBQ compared with 34% of men. 30% of both women and men say they will be visiting pubs/restaurants more often compared with pre-pandemic.

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