The Park

Good morning and welcome to the weekend!

Another busy week for KAM, with a highlight for me personally being the day that I spent at The Park facilitating focus groups for our client, Charles Wells. Charles Wells are working with their pub partners to understand what they can do to improve the levels of service they offer and to support and help licensees to future-proof their businesses.

Obviously I won’t be sharing the details of those sessions, but what I DO want to share is some of the great things I spotted at the venue – The Park in Bedford.

Apart from being a very handsome and incredibly well-run pub, The Park is also ahead of the curve when it comes to the ordering process – offering pre-ordering to its customers – an initiative that our brand new Plan to Plate research report tells us we should be seeing more of:

“56% of customers would look at the food and drinks menu before arriving at a venue and 42% told us that they knew what they wanted to have before they arrived. Therefore it’s not a surprise that these people could also be interested in pre-ordering before they arrive. In fact 47% of all consumers told us this was the case. This increased to 66% of 18-34 year olds, who are perhaps more used to pre-booking/ordering through other retail experiences.” SOURCE- KAM Plan to Plate report 2019 (get in touch for more details on how you can see the full report!)

Drinks with some of my fellow Vietnam charity cyclists tonight after work, then tomorrow I am more than a little excited to be taking my first ever helicopter ride over the Surrey Hills (a belated Christmas present from Mr Katy) followed by a night of music and dinner at a friends house near the heliport!

Sunday is reserved for getting my little London garden in order. Gardening tips gratefully received.

Have a great weekend all

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