Last weekend I had the good fortune to be up in Yorkshire, a trip that I bought in a charity auction and thought that, due to 2 broken limbs between the 8 that we have combined, Mr Katy and I wouldn’t be able to take.
But, thanks to the kindness of strangers, a great taxi firm and a selection of trains, we did, so I thought I’d share three of the pubs that we managed to get round with you.
First up, the highly recommended Sound Bar. Part bar, part record store, part club, part book store, The Sound Bar has a great selection of music memorabilia, craft beers, coffee and knowledgeable staff- proving that the concept of a specialist music bar doesn’t need to be confined to big cities. Opening until just 9pm each night, the venue is tiny, but was packed out when we popped in for a pre-lunch drink at 1pm. And, most interestingly, the majority of the patrons were older and not the stereotypical ‘music bar’ type. A G&T and £50 on records later, we went to our next stop- lunch!

Our lunch venue was actually recommended by several readers of this blog- and I thank you for it. A cosy, traditional pub in the centre of Skipton, The Wooley Sheep had a great “specials board”, giving not just food but also drink recommendations. They were also fully embracing National Pie Week. As I did…

The pictures of their staff framed and up in the restaurant area, rather than faceless people with no connection to the pub was a nice touch.
Service and food were second to none.

Day two involved a taxi into town and a brief stumble through the Castle, followed by an obligatory pint of Timothy Taylor in what was, quite possibly one of the longest pubs I’ve ever been in. The Black Horse is a cleverly ‘zoned’ pub, with a traditional bar and seating area at one end, going back by what seemed like 100’s of feet through to a sports-focused area that even offered its patrons individual booths where they can choose any of a number of football/rugby/cricket etc matches to watch in booths that seat around 6-8 people. Shaun seemed happy with it.

My trip to Yorkshire was rounded off at a local tapas restaurant where nothing of note happened. Except that it placed the thought in my mind, as I beat Mr Katy to the last of 3 meatballs; why do most tapas-y restaurants serve dishes in multiples of 3- surely multiples of 2 or 4 would work better? And cause less divorces.


And here’s what we got up to at KAM in February- warning- Katy is wearing a rather fetching cycling outfit in one clip- all the gear, and no idea!!


This weekend is reserved for some home and family time- a busy week has seen KAM all around the country and it’s time to REST! Friends for dinner tonight and a cinema visit (we saw Green Book last week- can’t recommend it highly enough!) is about as strenuous as it’s going to get.

Enjoy your weekend and please keep sending in interesting pictures, recommendations and thoughts on the hospitality industry!


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