Good afternoon

The Next Big Thing- if only we could be sure what it was, there’d be no need for (fantastically run, cost effective) research programmes, futurologists or big advertising campaigns. Waitrose seem to think that THEY know what the next big thing is– they’re tipping Mezcal to take over from Gin- after a 48% increase in Google searches.

Possibly those Google searches are actually because drinkers don’t know what Mezcal is-  we asked our online community of pub & bar-goers whether they’d heard of it- just 23% had, and only 14% had actually drunk it.

If you want to discover Mezcal for yourself, can I suggest a visit to Cartel, a great Mexican bar in Battersea- it’s very trendy and they have live music, fantastic cocktails and tasty tacos. But the big draw at Cartel is what you DON’T see- a secret Mezcal bar that, if you’re nice enough to the bar staff, you can gain entry to.

Tonight involves a family trip to the cinema to see Steve McQueen’s new movie, Widows, and possibly dinner out if I’m feeling generous afterwards!

Tomorrow we have a child-free day so will cycle into central London and have a mooch down the Southbank. Mr Katy wants to see what looks like a very odd exhibition at The Tate Modern, meanwhile I’m mainly saying yes so that we can get lunch and prosecco at the fantastic food market behind The Southbank Centre.

Sunday I am doing another training ride for my Vietnam charity bike ride- the longest one yet, 50 miles… Ugh. If you’d like to reward all my hard work by sponsoring me, please feel free to CLICK HERE and do exactly that!

Have a great weekend

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