10pm hospitality curfew

UK public are not convinced hospitality curfew will make a difference

A snap poll carried out by KAM Media identified that a significant proportion of the English public remain unconvinced that the new 10pm hospitality curfew will deliver on its promise to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

47% think the new 10pm curfew will make no significant difference to the spread of the virus. A further 34% think it will ‘somewhat’ help the situation, but not significantly.

The research also found that the introduction of the curfew means that 13% are now more nervous about visiting a pub or restaurant. 14% said they will visit pubs and restaurants less frequently as a direct result of the curfew.

The poll also showed that people are nervous that this curfew may increase illegal gatherings. 1-in-5 predict an increase in the number of large groups meeting up in households after pubs and restaurants close.

“We’ve seen that less than 5% of confirmed Covid cases originate in hospitality.  The new government lockdown measures are simply not evidence-based. Our recent poll shows than the adults in England agree, with nearly 1-in-2 seeing no value in introducing this curfew. Unfairly scapegoating the industry and creating a fear culture in this way when so much is at stake is unacceptable” Katy Moses, MD, KAM Media

Customer confidence in danger of falling

The UK hospitality industry is incredibly well regulated. The vast majority of venues going well above and beyond what has been deemed necessary to protect the general public. No other industry has taken the same level of precautions to ensure their customers and staff are safe.

Previous research featured in our ‘Customer Sentiment Tracker’ with Feed It Back showed that hospitality customer confidence was very high. 95% felt confident enough to return after their visit. These new restrictions and measures will no doubt have a negative impact on customer confidence and therefore footfall.

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Blake Gladman

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