Shining a light on inclusivity in Hospitality

KAM has joined forces with Equality, Equity and Inclusion consultancy, SISU to carry out a comprehensive survey within the Hospitality Industry to understand and enhance diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing.

Following KAM research that less than 3-in-4 hospitality employees feel their company has a ‘diverse workforce’ and 1-in-3 hospitality employees say their current role negatively affects their mental health, the Hii Report (Hospitality’s Inclusivity Insights Report) will be launched early next year.

The survey seeks to explore how factors such as gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural and religious beliefs, as well as physical disabilities and neurodiversity, influence experiences in the hospitality workplace. The more hospitality employees who complete the survey, the more robust and powerful the data and insights will be.

Complete the survey here.

The ‘Hii’ report will establish benchmarks offer a comprehensive understanding of each sector within the industry, supplying data to inform and drive our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy in the field. 

Research KAM has carried out over the last year suggests we have a long way to go to truly being an inclusive industry to work in. But quite simply, we don’t know enough about where we currently stand as an industry to really deliver purposeful change. Knowledge is power and very few hospitality companies really understand their current position and where they need to be.”

Katy Moses, MD, KAM

We’re delighted to bring together KAM’s research and SISU’s expertise to give hospitality businesses a real understanding of where we are as an industry in terms of inclusivity and also an opportunity to understand more about their own teams’ experience in the work place. This report is an exciting opportunity to help create a more inclusive and equitable future for the Hospitality Industry.

Previous research from KAM has also found many employees feel they have experienced being treated unfairly in their hospitality roles due to either their gender (32% of females), age (22%), ethnicity (6%) or sexuality (14%.)

“Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s wisdom, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’, the Hii Report is our journey to turn the ‘impossible’—a truly inclusive and accessible hospitality industry—into reality. We aim to paint a detailed picture of representation within the industry, examining the authentic experiences of individuals in various roles and from marginalised communities.”

Olajide Alabi, Co-creator of SISU

Olajide explains that SISU was born from the passion to shatter stereotypes and societal boxes: “The hospitality industry is a space I’ve grown up in and learned so much from. There is a need to ensure every voice is heard, every barrier to senior roles is broken, and every individual’s story shapes the narrative. We want to give hospitality brands the knowledge to transform the ‘impossible’ into a harmonious reality, celebrating diversity, making representation the norm, and ensuring everyone contributes to the vibrant story of hospitality.” 

KAM and SISU are asking hospitality employees to take 5 minutes to complete the survey here.

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