KAMera- An eye on Convenience 103

Good afternoon,

As the world rapidly moves online, one of our readers asked us to ask the members of KAMunitywhether, if given the opportunity, they would use “Click and Collect” from their local convenience store.

68% said that they would.

In my opinion (for what it’s worth!), services like Click and Collect will become more and more important. As shoppers become ever more demanding; Convenience needs to evolve with these demands.

Short and sweet from me today, but one last point of note- this week we launched Instant Insights, our visual research tool- if you want to view your own, and your competitor’s products on the shelf and in situ, in real time, through your customer’s eyes, have a look HERE or drop me a note and I’ll explain more!

Tonight I’m having dinner in Soho with a friend who I’ve not seen in a while, tomorrow I will be having lunch with my Brother down in Surrey (no prizes for guessing who’s paying…), then a friends drinks party in the evening.

Sunday I’ll be selflessly ploughing some of my ill-gotten gains back into the British pub industry at a Beatles-themed pub quiz night, I’m taking my Dad along and I’ve been making Mr Katy revise all week (not that I’m competitive…), so I reckon we’ve got a chance!


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