Where will you be watching the game?

Three Lions on a shirt, Jules Rimet still gleaming, 52 years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming

It’s so long ago now since England raised all future expectations to unreachable levels by actually winning the bloody thing that even our current England manager, Gareth Southgate wasn’t even born when it happened!

Russia kicked off the 2018 World Cup yesterday by taking apart a sorry looking Saudi Arabia side 5-0. Russia destroying a helpless country with limited defensive power….mmm sound familiar?

Well with dodgy political positioning aside, this World Cup is one in which England fans have stayed away in record numbers, so we asked our KAMunity (of 1,000 UK consumers) where will they be watching the games instead?

48% said they would be watching at home, compared to just 5% who said they would be watching in a pub/bar. This does rise to 7% when it’s for an England game, but it does suggest that this World Cup is going to be a battle for the grocery retailers as much as it is for the teams out in Russia. Cold beers, soft drinks, snacks and quick meals such as pizza will be high on the agenda for fans in front of the TV and retailers should be looking to tap into this opportunity with in-store theatre and influential communication. Remember that availability is crucial to satisfy shoppers so brands need to be prepared for the rush.

Here’s a fantastic example from a grocery store in Poland. Winning the World Cup for best in-store theatre!

We also asked the KAMunity who they think would win the damn thing. They’re predicting a Brazil v Germany final with the Brazilians avenging that 7-1 four years ago to win their 6thworld title. 10% of the KAMunity clearly have gone mad in the hot weather and think that England will win. History suggests though that if England do well then sales of beer etc. also do well – so I’m pretty sure there is a lot of you out there praying for England to go deep.

What about my predictions? Well it’s hard to disagree with the masses as you’ve got to think that Brazil, Germany and possibly France look the strongest teams, but my dark horses for the tournament would be Portugal – very much under the radar at the moment but when you boast one of the best players of all time in your team, and our reigning European champions don’t forget, then you should be in with a shout.

They think this week’s blog is all over….it is now

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