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I did a whistle stop tour of Stockholm and Oslo this week- partly for fun (and boy, was it!), but also to check out the pubs, bars and restaurants for an upcoming trip we’re organising for a client.

We all know that quality of service is so incredibly important in the on trade, and in Scandinavia, overall, they seem to have it pretty sorted.

The picture below is of a barman called Daniel who served me in a rooftop cocktail bar in Oslo. Daniel’s knowledge and passion for his job really shone through as he was making us our drinks.. However, the Bloody Mary that you can see him mixing in the picture took 9 minutes for him to make, and then we waited a further 7 minutes for the other two drinks we had ordered.

It’s a fine line between great service, behind-bar theatre and keeping the customer fed and watered in good time.

But just how fine IS that line? We asked 1000 pub and bar goers “How long is TOO long to wait for your drinks at the bar?” and discovered that customers are more than a little impatient. In fact, 58% expect to be served and away from the bar with 6 minutes. If you’d like the full results of this question, drop me a line.

And, thinking of our experience in Oslo, we asked whether customers would be willing to wait DOUBLE the amount of time they usually waited for their drinks if there was some behind-bar (flare bartending etc) theatre going on. Just 38% said they would.

Quick, uncomplicated, quality service will always win out in the end, it seems.

Tonight I am doing NOTHING. And I couldn’t be happier! Tomorrow I’ve got lunch with a friend and industry colleague up in North London and then on Sunday we have friends coming for a roast lunch. Some family/home time is much needed.

Whatever you’re doing, have a great weekend!


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