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In this blog, we’ve spoken about robots taking over the world, self service at table and about quality of service in general.

This article on Drinks Business News made me want to focus on self-serve again this week, but not “at table”, instead; throughout an outlet. You may remember me talking about Vagabond Wines towards the end of last year, where, with a pre-loaded credit card, customers are able to serve themselves from a large selection of temperature-controlled wine bottles and with 3 different glass sizes available? Well “Taste this Beer” is the beer version of that- picture below.

There are many pros and cons of self-serve, and, admittedly, it’s not right for everyone (in fact I’d suggest it’s right for very few currently), but what do the members of KAMunity, our online community of pub/bar/restaurant-goers think? And does their opinion differ by category?

We explained the concept of Vagabond Wines and Taste this Beer and asked- would they like to go to an outlet if there was one that was in a convenient location to them?

Results were the closest I’ve seen when we compare categories in our research polls- 39% said they’d like to try a beer-focused self-serve outlet, whilst 38% said they would visit a wine-specific venue.

What do you guys out there think of self-serve, yay or nay? Let me know by replying to this email; I’d love to know your thoughts.


A busy weekend coming up, starting with dinner in East London tonight with a friend and then driving up to Warwick straight from tomorrow’s gym session to stay with some friends. They like a G&T or two, so we’ve planned a long walk around Warwick town on Sunday, checking out all the historical sites, including a tour of the castle, before driving home to London to start a new Netflix series (recommendations welcome!).

Have a good one!


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