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The Fat Boar, a pub in Wrexham, made headlines last week for offering 25% off food bills for anyone who locks away their mobile phone for the duration of their time in the pub.

I love this idea, a great footfall driver on a notoriously quiet day of the week, plus it helps to create a better atmosphere in the pub. However, I did question whether 25% was more than was necessary to affect customer behaviour, so I took the question to KAMunity, using a pricing and promotional research model to find out what the optimum discount needed was in order to affect customer choice.

Firstly, we asked whether “Mobile Free Monday” would encourage people to visit their local- 44% said it would, 48% said it wouldn’t make a difference and just 8% said it would encourage them NOT to go, so it looks like the idea in itself is a popular one.

But what about that sweet spot of an ideal discount? Well, it seems that The Fat Boar may be being too generous in their offering- the members of KAMunity told us that a 16.3% discount off food was enough to change their pub-going behaviour.

Now, as for my plans this weekend… I am currently, as you read this, stuck in Dublin due to “The Beast From The East” and Storm Emma.

I was supposed to be back Wednesday lunchtime, but so far, 3 cancelled flights and 3 extra nights in hotels later, I will HOPEFULLY be flying home on Saturday night. So I’ll miss my youngest’s stepson’s birthday today, and the Brighton  Cheese Festival tomorrow and I’m feeling incredibly sorry for myself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a better weekend than I’m in for.


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