KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 118

Good morning, and welcome to British Summer!

We may well now be out of Europe, but wine lovers and pub goers still favour European wines when drinking in their local.

As part of a wider project on wine, we asked 1000 pub/bar goers what country they would say was their preferred choice for wine in their local pub/bar.

It seems that the traditional “old world” countries are still a favourite (or a safe choice?) for pub/bar goers- 26% stated Italian, closely followed by France with 18%. For full results, drop me an email and I’ll respond with the top ten and their order!

It being my birthday and all (feel free to send gifts), I’ve taken today off and Mr Katy is taking me down to the seaside for seafood, wine and a visit to Whitstable’s famous cheese bar. The kids are taking me to lunch tomorrow, and then on Monday I’m celebrating with a group of friends in Clapham. Maybe getting old isn’t so bad after all- especially when your birthday falls on a sunny bank holiday weekend (and you drag it out over 4 days…!).

Enjoy the long weekend, I think I’m going to!



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