KAMera- Eye on Convenience 62

Good morning

After the influx of NEW summer products that we have seen pop up in c-stores over the last few months, I was keen to understand what would make shoppers try a new product in the first place. So, we asked the members of KAMunity (our online community of convenience store shoppers) what would convince them try a brand new product WITHOUT it being initially offered at simply a promotional price.

Tasting the product in store came out top at 49% (showing the value of experiential, face to face marketing), followed by the opportunity to buy a “taster pot at a taster pot price” (23%). The new product being merchandised with a complimentary product was third with 16% of the vote.

Here’s a picture of some Baxters NPD, and yes, I did buy it, despite the fact that only 2% of c-store shoppers we questioned said that a shelf edge label pointing out a new product would be enough to convince them to buy. I always did like to be in the minority.



This weekend is mostly earmarked for “Wed-min” (a ghastly phrase if ever I heard one), with the big day just over 2 weeks away, I can’t really afford to be doing anything else other than writing place names and ironing out last minute hitches…well except for Sunday, on Sunday I am going to see Elton John, Madness and others (remember Leann Rimes, anyone?) in Hyde Park. Other than that, just Wed-min…and the gym, and eating vegetables…

Enjoy your weekends!



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