Is Generation Z the most boring generation ever?

The perception is that they would rather use social media than have an actual conversation. They’d rather sit at home and watch Netflix than go to the pub and they’re only interested in healthy bowls of colourful food that looks great on Instagram.

How much of this is truth and how much is, well, wack?

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Having grown up with technology as a standard part of everyday life, it’s not a stretch to assume that they are also the most connected generation ever, in more ways than one. Connected to each other, but also to the wider world – including social issues, environmental and health concerns. Essentially an innate desire for knowledge.

If you search the internet there’s a lot of conjunction and opinions about Generation Z, some with facts and some without. One thing for sure though, is that a lot of people are talking about them, and with good reason. In fact, a quick Google search shows 356 million search results for ‘Generation Z’ compared to 96 million for ‘Millennials’. So why are they so important? Put simply, they will shape the way we will shop, eat, drink and interact with brands, because technology will lead the way and it’s being driven by the influencers and no generation is more influential than Generation Z.

At KAM Media we’ve recently undertaken a research study speaking to 500 UK Generation Z’ers between the ages of 18-24 to uncover the FACTS and not just about who they are but what they do and above all what influences them to do it.

Ultimately this research can provide brands and retailers in the off and on trade with essential insight into what Generation Z want from them and how you can deliver against it in order to ensure that you’re influencing the influencers and not being left in the past.

Last week, the Blockbuster video chain announced it was down to it’s very last physical store left standing in the world. In 2004 they had over 9,000 stores internationally. Netflix made $12 Billion in 2017. Can you afford to ignore the influencers of the future?

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Blake Gladman

Hi, I'm Blake, Strategy & Insight Director at KAM. I look after all our research products and manage the collection and delivery of insight throughout KAM. I love long runs and good food (the perfect life balance).