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Good afternoon!

After a TEN HOUR round trip to snowy Birmingham at the beginning of the week, I have happily worked from home for the last couple of days, which has, in turn, meant that I have used my local stores more than I usually would during the week.

Now we know that, traditionally, local shops, including convenience stores do well in adverse weather conditions, but as David Rees, editor of Convenience Store magazine rightly said in his latest opinion piece, the product mix in convenience stores has changed dramatically in recent years and therefore this is now not always the case.

We asked the members of KAMunity;
Due to the difficult weather conditions this week; Did you use your local convenience store more than usual?
14% had no adverse weather conditions
54% said that they used their store “as normal”
32% told us that yes, they had used their local convenience store MORE

But what products proved most popular for shoppers during this week of snow? Drop me your guesses (NOT bread & milk, that’s FAR too easy!) and I’ll send you the full results!

Tonight Mr Katy and I will be in East London having a Christmas celebration with some friends at what I am assured is a “hidden gem” of an Italian restaurant, tomorrow is reserved for boring housework/DIY chores that I’ve been putting off and then, on Sunday, lunch at a friend’s house- the festive season is definitely in full swing!

Have a great weekend!

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