KAMera- An eye on Convenience 102

Good morning and a happy New Year to you all,

If you remember, the last KAMera email of 2017 focussed on what % of shoppers planned to visit their local convenience store at key times over the festive season.

For those of you who DON’T remember every insight I impart, when 12% of the members of KAMunity told us that they were planning a visit on Christmas Day itself, 27% on Christmas Eve and 24% on Boxing Day.

And what did they ACTUALLY do?

9% of the members of KAMunity visited on Christmas Day itself, 24% on Christmas Eve and 21% on Boxing Day. So it seems that the British Public were, perhaps, MORE prepared for the festive season than they thought they would be- or did we not give them enough reason to visit?

Either way, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and that 2018 is happy and prosperous for you.

Tonight we are staying with my Sister-In-Law on the outskirts of Bristol and doing our final Christmas dinner/present swapping before driving back to London tomorrow for a well-deserved rest.

Mr Katy and I have had a VERY hectic few weeks and plan to spend the rest of the weekend on long woodland walks and drinking red wine by the fire in our local pub. Normal service will resume next week

Have a great first weekend of 2018


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