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Good afternoon!

Personally, I’m going to be spending a LOT of time in pub, bars and restaurants over the next week or so. But what about Joe public? We asked KAMunity members when they were likely to go to a pub/bar over the festive period.

10% told us that they were planning a visit on Christmas Day itself, 19% on Christmas Eve, 19% on Boxing Day and 21% on New Years Eve.

Have a read of our first email of 2018 and we will tell you who ACTUALLY went to a pub/bar- as if you needed another reason to keep reading this email!!

And finally, just a quick note from me today, to wish all our readers, clients, industry colleagues and licensees a VERY Merry Christmas.

I hope that, after a turbulent year of change, you all have time to enjoy the festivities and get some well-earned R&R.

It’s been a pleasure working in the ontrade for my 10th year- I look forward to many more.

Thanks for reading, for your contributions, your comments and corrections!

Tonight we will be forcing the children to pretend that they are enjoying decorating the tree (I know, we’re a bit late!), followed by the hell that is the shops to get the final food bits for the Christmas celebrations. We’ve 6 for Christmas Day (including Grandma) and then 14 for Boxing Day. Yep, FOURTEEN. Ugh.

Have a great few days of celebration!


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