KAMera- An eye on Convenience 104

Good afternoon and HELLO there, Friday!

As you know, we often take ideas from our readers for the focus of our Friday emails, so a big thanks to our reader, Tom, who wanted us to delve deeper into Iceland’s recent promise to stop using plastic for ANY of their own label produce within the next 5 years.

Firstly, we asked the members of KAMunity if they had heard about the pledge; 59% said that they had.

Then we asked whether shoppers thought Iceland was implementing this because they genuinely cared about the environment or if it was just a gimmick?

75% said that they believed Iceland genuinely cared about the environment- a much lower level of cynicism than I expected.

But how many of those questioned would be more likely to shop there as a result?
A massive 54% said that this point alone would make them more likely to spend their hard earned cash at their local Iceland.

What question would YOU like to ask us- about a particular product, or just about shopper behaviour in general. Reply to this email with your burning questions and the first 5 will get the question asked to KAMunity and the answer emailed back to them next week FREE OF CHARGE. We give and we give…


After a slightly boozy client event yesterday in Birmingham (this email is being written on a Virgin train, locked onto their WiFi, so it’ll be a miracle if it actually sends…) I’m heading back to London to spend a quiet family night in catching up on Netflix shows and not having to go outside of my house until tomorrow when I’ll be trekking down to Surrey to visit friends and then dance the night away at my Stepmother’s 40th birthday party (I’ve told you before, it’s a VERY odd family set-up!)
On Sunday, weather willing, we’ll take my little Brother out for a walk in the woods before driving back to London and getting ready for another busy week at KAM Towers.

Please keep sending in your pictures and topics you’d like us to cover in these emails, it’s always great hearing from you all.


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