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This week I have been deep in conversation with a pub company client about all things eco; the main question being; how can they, as a responsible Pub Co, not only protect the environment, but also “give back”.

Below are a couple of examples of pubs doing “the right thing”- starting with the currently highly publicised campaign to ban plastic straws from outlets- the first picture is a Laines venue in Brighton- I like how they make their customers aware of WHY they have imposed the ban.

And see below for a GREAT way to not only “give back” to the environment within a community, but also to drive footfall to a venue. This idea doesn’t ONLY work in coastal areas, what about near parks, playgrounds etc? Win-win!

The big question is, of course, would a customer choose one pub/bar/restaurant over another because of their “green” credentials?

We asked the members of KAMunity, and 33% said that they would- a figure that increases dramatically amongst socially-conscious Millennials.

We are going to see Gary Oldman’s apparently Oscar-winning turn as Churchill in Darkest Hour tonight, then tomorrow I’m taking two KAMmers and their kids to the V&A exhibition on Winnie the Pooh. Followed by a glass or two of wine WITHOUT the kids in Soho.

Sunday I’ll be working out how to make a satisfying Vegetarian roast (Mr Katy and I are giving “no meat” a go) and catching up on various Netflix box sets.

Have a great weekend all!


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