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Good morning and welcome,

Apologies for my absence last week, I took a short break and decided that you could do the same… from my emails!

Recently, we’ve been working with several retailers looking at loyalty schemes that would work in convenience.

But how much affect would such a scheme have on shopper behaviour? Aren’t we now being told that “loyalty schemes don’t work”. Well, the members of KAMunity beg to differ. When asked whether they would be more likely to shop at their local convenience store if it had a loyalty scheme that rewarded them for shopping there, 64% said they would. But what TYPE of loyalty scheme? Let me know if you want the full results, free of charge.

And, if anyone out there is looking for a reliable, simple-to-use scheme, that’s already tried and tested, let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction- after all, loyalty schemes are not just to reward the customer- more than ever, their value lies in data and insight collection, and, in my view, every retailer should have one- as long as it’s the RIGHT one for them.

I’m looking forward to an ex-colleagues’ reunion night tonight in North London, which, no doubt, will be a late one. Tomorrow I’m aiming to spend some time sorting out my garden (if this weather would only behave!), and then a quiet night in. On Sunday I’m down to Surrey to see my Dad and family for Sunday lunch and a few glasses of wine.

Have a lovely, hopefully DRY, weekend


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