KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 151

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At last week’s Propel conference, many speakers mentioned “discounting” in the industry as being the Devil’s work. It certainly can, at times, seem like a race to the bottom; this week alone I have had over 20 vouchers/discount offers land in my inbox.

The point I make to our clients is that if you know your customers well enough, then you shouldn’t have to blanket discount because you can target your marketing instead.

But am I wrong (it has happened once before…)? We asked the members of KAMunity how likely they were to choose a pub/bar based solely on the type of “drink deals” available there.

14% told us that they were very likely to, 20% fairly likely to, 19% fairly unlikely, and a whopping 47% said that it wasn’t important AT ALL.

So it seems that discounting, although welcomed by customers, isn’t as influential in the decision making process as we may believe.

As this email lands in your inbox, I’m sat at my gate at Gatwick for an early flight to Spain where I will be spending a long weekend in Ronda, celebrating my Godmother’s 60th birthday, hopefully catching some sun and definitely tucking into some tapas and sangria.

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