The only shop in the village


You’re simply the best, better than all the rest.

Now there’s not much that I don’t agree with Tina Turner on, and second only to her perseverance with one particular hairstyle all her life, is this line. For to be the best you don’t necessarily have to be perfect, you just have to be better than all the rest and this, in no means tenuous link, brings me to the latest convenience store that has opened just round the corner from me – Budgen’s in Gipsy Hill, South East London.

It’s certainly not cutting edge or ground breaking, but it is better than the collection of old school, sticker-filled window stores that have been the mainstay of this particular area. We know that location is everything to convenience store shoppers, but you also have to be so much more. Clean, bright and welcoming for a start, whilst simultaneously having a decent range, with good availability and friendly staff. Not much to ask you would think in today’s world but it still baffles me how so many independent stores miss this by a mile and then complain when the big brands swoop in as neighbours and snap up all their customers.

With a nice open feel and a solid range of essentials, alongside great value fresh fruit & veg, premium wines and fantastic staff it won’t be time before it’s the ‘only shop in the village’ and I’m pretty ok with that.










It’s a handy store for me as it’s in between my home and the nursery where my little boy goes three afternoons a week. I recently visited on a meal for tonight mission, looking for some staples (mushrooms) but also something a little niche (black beans) but both were found quickly and the selection was of a good standard. I’ve already been in there a couple of times since, quite often trying to balance 5 items in one arm and little G in the other. I did try and get him to help the last time but seeing as he’s only 14 months old asking him to hold that bottle of Shiraz was, in hindsight, probably a mistake.

By now you’ve probably realised that this isn’t Katy (I assume the dry wit and passable grammar would have given it away) and is in fact me, Blake, and I’ll be taking over the ‘Eye on Convenience’ weekly blog from now on. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be back next week with my own preview of the World Cup

In the meantime have a great weekend


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