KAMera- An eye on Convenience 82

Good morning all

It feels a little early to start talking about booze, but hey, it’s 6pm somewhere!

On Wednesday’s trip to my friendly local Turkish supermarket, Antonio, the owner introduced me to the new collaboration between Bloom gin and Fentiman’s, as pictured below.

I love the brand link up and the description Antonio gave it ; a “posh” RTD. Now, this may well go down perfectly in Dulwich, but what about the rest of the country? Guess who we asked? You got it, KAMunity, our online community of convenience store shoppers.

Firstly we asked them whether the range of RTD/Pre-mixed drinks in their local store was good enough. A massive 57% said it wasn’t.

Then we asked them what they would pay for this particular product. Unfortunately for Fentiman’s and Bloom, the average was £2.21- and likelihood to purchase fell off a cliff at £3.

Personally I bought 3. If you read this email regularly, you’ll know that I have none left.


It’s been a busy week with 12 client meetings across 4 days & two dinners out, so tonight will mainly revolve around binge-watching House of Cards and possibly a takeaway. Tomorrow I’ll be dodging the hipsters in Shoreditch as I’m out for dinner with friends and Sunday is being dedicated to the family; weather willing a long walk and a pint in the local.

Enjoy your weekend


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