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Good morning,

After a rather tiring few days in Barcelona that included a total of 18 hours of flight delays, I decided not to send out the KAMera email last week, and instead saved it for today. So, apologies for my tardiness, but I was busy enjoying my break!

So what DID we see in Barcelona?

One of my favourite bars was “Polaroid”, an 80’s themed cocktail bar, highlights included-

  • Genuine 80’s memorabilia
  • 80’s movies playing on the big screen and 80’s music on the jukebox
  • Polaroids and old 80’s classic video cassettes attached to the wall
  • Tables and chairs covered in old 80’s comic book pages
  • 80’s arcade games on offer
  • An 80’s themed cocktail list that changes through the week
  • And FREE popcorn all night.

We asked members of KAMunity whether the provision of free snacks would lead them to choose one bar/pub over another whilst on a night out. The vote was split precisely down the middle- 50% said yes, it would affect their decision, 50% said it wouldn’t.

Ok, so it was all a little cheesy, but the drinks were reasonably priced, the staff were trendy and polite and it was a “themed” bar done well!

Mr Katy is back for just 2 nights, so tonight we are taking the Boys to see Dunkirk at the Cinema, followed by a visit to Brixton Pop for a street food extravaganza dinner where, after half an hour of angst-ridden wandering around, the kids will have pizza, Mr Katy will have meatballs and I’ll get a cheeseboard and large glass of wine, as usual.

On Saturday morning I’m off to Camp Bestival in Dorset for a couple of days of singing and dancing in a field.

Have a lovely weekend all

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