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Good morning

I was recently impressed with the new “Local” section at a major Tesco store (see below), clear signage, excellent availability and merchandising, great selection of products.

But what does “local” actually mean to shoppers?

We asked the members of KAMunity some questions on the subject. Firstly, we asked, whether they thought that convenience stores stocked enough “local” products; just 35% said they did.

But what do they consider to be local? A staggering 85% of convenience store shoppers stated that for a product to be considered and advertised as “local”, it had to originate from within 5 miles of the store; this is almost 20% up from similar research that we ran 2 years ago. Shoppers are getting smarter and more demanding as time passes.

But what’s the benefit to a store who does “local” well? I think the fact that, when questioned, 72% of shoppers stated that they would visit their local store more often if it had more “local” products speaks for itself.

Tonight I’ll be finishing off this godforsaken decorating project (I’m getting a decorator in next time, I swear), and maybe popping to my local for a celebratory pint. Tomorrow I am having lunch in Soho with a friend- any recommendations for drinks before/after would be gratefully received. And then on Sunday, it’s back down to Surrey for a BBQ -weather willing- at a friends’ farmhouse.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned, see you next week!


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