KAMera- An eye on Convenience 93

Good afternoon,

The frozen section in convenience stores has never filled me (or other shoppers that we have interviewed over the years) with inspiration, but I think we are definitely starting to see some improvements.

The below picture was taken in an M&S convenience store and I have seen some other excellent examples of the sector making this category more exciting. This merchandising isn’t going to set the world alight but it’s smart, has clear signage and looks clean and tidy. Shame about the availability issues in the top left and right hand corners.

We know that convenience store shoppers value the frozen section in their local shop, but what products are most essential? We asked 1000 shoppers to name the top product that they think c-stores should be stocking in the freezer and I was surprised to see the answer come out as… “vegetables”. If you’d like the full results, drop me an email and I’ll send to you early next week.


After an eventful and travel-ful few weeks, I’m SO happy to be spending a weekend in London. Dinner with a friend in trendy Shoreditch tonight, lunch in Crystal Palace tomorrow and then a short journey down to my Dad’s in Surrey on Sunday for some family time. Perfect!

Please keep your pictures of innovative outlets and recommendations for stores to visit coming!


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