KAMera- An eye on Convenience 95

Good afternoon all,

We’ve all heard about food and drink matching (wine, spirits, beer and cider are all getting recommendations on menus), but what about food and TV programme matching?

Deliveroo have just released their top “TV and Delivery” matches, including a suggestion to order Salsa Rosa from Tortilla to complement your Strictly Come Dancing watching!

But what advice does the average UK consumer want to see from their local convenience store?

We asked the members of KAMunity what recommendations they would like their local convenience store to make;

The number one answer was, predictably, wine to match foods available in store (ready meals or cook from scratch), closely followed by recipes for unusual in-store ingredients and then desserts to match foods available in store (ready meals or cook from scratch). So it seems that shoppers are getting more experimental… BUT, they are looking for their local convenience store to inspire them. For the full responses, drop me an email and I will send across to you next week!

Tonight I’m having a well-earned Netflix night after a hectic week, then tomorrow I’m off to The O2 to the Prince exhibition followed by lunch with a friend. On Sunday, there’s yet another boozy lunch booked in, before an early morning flight to Stockholm on Monday. As usual, recommendations for decent bars and restaurants are very welcome!


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