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Good morning!

I have recently jumped on the gin bandwagon. I was never really into spirits, but I guess tastes change as you get old(er).

And once you start drinking spirits, then you start paying more attention to what you’re putting with them; it’s no secret that the boom in gin has been responsible for a 77% increase in sales of Fever Tree this year.

Yes, gin connoisseurs are particular about their tonic, but what about Joe Public? We asked  the members of KAMunity;

When you go to a pub/bar/restaurant and order a gin and tonic- do you ask for a specific brand of tonic or simply “tonic”?
Just 18% said they ask for tonic by brand, so the likes of Fever Tree still have a fair way to go until their products become a “bar call”.

We then asked how important the brand is when choosing a tonic in a pub/bar/restaurant.
15% said very
30% told us a bit
23% said not very
32% said not at all

Meaning that 45% of drinkers DO care about the tonic in their gin, so the challenge for the manufacturers is how to turn that into customers requesting their specific brand!

Meanwhile, if YOU want to know what tonic and what garnish goes with which gin- check out my favourite App, Ginventory. It’s fab!

Tonight I’m having a well-earned Netflix night after a hectic week, then tomorrow I’m off to The O2 to the Prince exhibition followed by lunch with a friend. On Sunday, there’s yet another boozy lunch booked in, before an early morning flight to Stockholm on Monday. As usual, recommendations for decent bars and restaurants are very welcome!


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