KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 148

Good morning,

This week I had the pleasure of meeting friends for lunch at The Eastney Tavern in Southsea.

The Eastney Tavern is a great, traditional pub with efficient, friendly staff and good “pub grub”- style food, but what really impressed me was the little “extras” that they do.

A poster by the door is full of little tit-bits of information about the day- famous people’s birthdays, special offers, a fact of the day etc, and next to that, the daily crossword printed out for customers to take a copy and complete. We asked the members of KAMunity whether they would like their local pub to have crosswords/quizzes really available to customers;48% said they would. Great way to engage with customers and increase dwell time.

They also sell boxes of Quality Street, which went down very well with the kids (and big kids!) in our party.

We asked the members of KAMunity if they wanted their local pub to sell sharing boxes of chocolates; 40% of those questioned said yes!

All in all, a great pub to visit if you’re ever down in Sunny Southsea.

Movie night with the kids tonight, a well deserved rest after a hectic week. Dinner out in London with friends tomorrow night (any recommendations for a restaurant near London Bridge?), and then on Sunday, because I must have been a horrendous person in a previous life, I will be braving the Purley Way and doing an Ikea shop. Ugh.

Have a lovely weekend


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