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Good morning all,

Mr Katy and I have recently stopped eating meat. We are now pescatarians. I’m NOT jumping on the “Veganuary” bandwagon, I assure you – I’m sure as hell not giving up cheese, but trying to make a little difference to the planet where I can.

It seems that the supermarkets are more than aware of the “Healthification” (ugh) trend too, this NPD from Sainsbury’s arrived late in January; adding extra vegetables to traditionally meat-dominated products like sausages and meatballs.

We asked the members of KAMunity whether they were planning on eating less meat this year? 63% aren’t changing anything, 28% are planning on eating less and 9% are aiming to increase their meat intake.

With Millennials being so socially and environmentally conscious, and focused more on healthy lifestyles than previous generations, this “trend” could well be here to stay; convenience stores need to be thinking about how to capitalise on these needs. Do let me know of any stores you know who are doing “Healthification” well.

Movie night with the kids tonight, a well deserved rest after a hectic week. Dinner out in London with friends tomorrow night (any recommendations for a restaurant near London Bridge?), and then on Sunday, because I must have been a horrendous person in a previous life, I will be braving the Purley Way and doing an Ikea shop. Ugh.

Have a lovely weekend


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