KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 153

Good morning and welcome,

One of my favourite things about working in the on trade is the exciting innovation and promotional opportunities that I see  happening around events.

A personal favourite this Easter comes from Dalys Wine Bars who are offering a “paddle” of three wines all matched to a different chocolate. It certainly turned my head anyway…

But (can you guess what’s coming?!), what about Joe Public? We asked the members of KAMunity whether this particular promotion would encourage them to visit their local pub/bar. 51% said it would. And, even more interestingly, when asked how much they would pay for the privilege, the average came out at £9.43, a substantial improvement on Dalys’ current price.

A four-day weekend! Fabulous! Tomorrow we’ve got friends coming for a long, lazy lunch, then on Saturday I’m out in hipsterville Shoreditch and Sunday and Monday will be some well-deserved family time including a long country walk and almost certainly a pub visit!

Happy Easter to you all,


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