KAMera- An eye on Convenience 112

Good morning, and welcome to Spring (hopefully…)

Just before the Easter break, we asked the members of KAMunity if they planned to buy any supplies (including Easter lunch but excluding Easter eggs) for their Easter weekend at their local convenience store. 35% told us that they had planned to do exactly that. But what number of shoppers actually DID? Just 19% carried out those planned shopping trips.

Meanwhile, I’ve been inundated with emails informing me of innovative and interesting ways that convenience stores were making the most of the event and creating great footfall drivers including-

  • Guess the number of mini eggs in the jar
  • “Easter Bonnet on Dogs” competition
  • A mini Easter “service” in store with hymns and readings
  • Guess the weight of the lamb and get it free in one store with a butchers counter (apparently they gave away two legs of lamb but had a 23% uplift on sales from last year!)
  • And even one retailer in the Peak District offering “emergency Easter egg delivery” to those who forgot. Shame THIS store isn’t in South London, might have been useful for me.

With Mr Katy now away on tour, I’m filling my weekends with visits to see friends, starting with a night out in London tonight, a trip to Warwick tomorrow and then a long lazy lunch in Shepperton on the Surrey/Middlesex borders on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend all- and please, keep your pictures of in-store innovation, your comments and your opinions coming… I’m off to make an Easter Bonnet for my cats…


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