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I am very flattered (and somewhat terrified) to have been asked to speak at the London Wine Fair in a couple of weeks time.

In preparation for the event, I have been conducting some research through KAMunity, our online community of pub and bar-goers. About wine. Obv.

In my conversations, I have been made aware of a new phenomenon- “dessert bars”. Now, I’m not a pudding person myself (but give me a plate of cheese and I assure you I will get through it like someone’s about to take it back), but this sounds like a jolly good idea. The guys at Yummy Pubs did the whole cake and cocktail thing ages ago, but places like the Pudding Bar, Basement Sate and After Hours are taking things to the next level, with high end pastry chefs, desserts matched to wines (and visa versa) and even to the style of music/DJ’s playing. Now that is dedication to sugar.

But what do the guys in KAMunity think of this increasingly popular idea?

Well, 77% of people questioned didn’t even know that they existed, so there’s an education piece there before we can start looking at the opportunities for the ontrade.

And, linked to this, one opportunity I’ve been looking into is dessert wine. Would KAMunity members order a glass after a meal? Not many would, it seems- just 18% were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ likely to imbibe.

So the question is, how can we capitalise on the dessert and drinks trend in the Ontrade? Answers on a postcard please…

Desert Wine

Bank holiday weekend will mostly be spent staying at my Dad’s down in Surrey, maybe some country walks if the rain has the good grace to hold off.

Any pointers for my LWF presentation or recommendations for pubs in Surrey will be most welcome!

Enjoy your long weekend. I reckon you deserve it.


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