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Good morning and happy Friday

Firstly, thank you to all of you who have emailed in the last week with ideas, opinions and pictures for my London Wine Fair presentation- your concern for my mental wellbeing and efforts to stop me from embarrassing myself in front of the great and good of the industry are much appreciated.

Now, onto today’s topic… I am often asked how important I think access to Wi-Fi in pubs and bars is. My personal opinion? It’s essential.

But what do our KAMunity members think?

They agree- 63% believe that pubs should provide Wi-Fi, and that it should be free- don’t even THINK about charging for it, only 5% of people we spoke to said that would be acceptable!

If you have specific questions that your business needs answers to, just reply to this email and I will contact you to discuss how you can use KAMunity for quick, cost effective research.

Wifi and pimms and quote

I’m out with a group of ex-colleagues tonight on a reunion “do” so will be frequenting the bars in and around Clerkenwell. Tomorrow will be spent regretting tonight, and then on Sunday I think I will convince Mr Katy to take me out for a pub lunch and a park walk.

Have a great weekend


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